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Custom Designs for Your Kids Mask

Still having trouble choosing a kids face mask?  Design your own!!  Because our kids masks come exclusively in vibrant solid colors, they are super-easy to customize with your own designs.  Feel free to let your (or your kids!) creativity shine with how you customize your mask, and make a mask as unique as your child.  Creating a fun new design on your kids mask can be as easy as using fabric markers and letting your child draw their own illustrations on their mask.  If you don't have fabric markers readily available, a simple medium thick sharpie will do the trick (if you're not 100% sure of your art skills, consider doing the design in pencil before committing).  Do you suspect your kid is making goofy faces at you inside their mask?  Well now they can make goofy faces on the outside as well!

Here's a few easy smiley faces that we liked to help get you started on ideas.  You and your kids can also just let your imaginations run wild!

Another fun way to add character to your mask is to look for iron on patches.  A variety of patches can be found on  My kids love this sweet butterfly patch, and it took less than 5 minutes to apply.  

While the classic solid colors make our kids masks easy to mix and match with any outfit, they're also easy to spice up.  With adjustable ear loops, our pleated design, and a single wire nose bridge, our kids masks are already easy to custom fit.  Now you can make custom designs as well.  What creative ideas will you use for your kids masks?  Email us at and let us know!!!

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