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Finding The Right Kids Mask

Kids Mask

Kids and kids’ faces come in all sizes and shapes.  While infant, toddler and kids clothing is available in up to 20 individual different sizes, unfortunately most kids masks are not.  This makes it a challenge to find a well-fitting kids mask.  If you're looking for a good kids mask, here are some of the key features we considered in our children's masks to get them to fit a wide variety of faces.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to kids masks.  Or is there?  Many of the fabric kids masks for sale on the market use a rounded face front style, which needs to be appropriately sized in order to fit well without leaving gaps around the nose or chin.  If the mask is too small, it will shift every time the child moves their jaw to speak.  If the mask is too large, the seal is lost.  

We’ve chosen to incorporate 3 key features in our kids masks that allow them to fit well on the majority of children’s faces ages 3 through 9.  As a side note, you have a smallish 10 year old, they will also benefit from the kids mask.  But if your 10 year old is on the larger side or you have children ages 11 and up, then our adult sized community mask will be a good fit.  All of these features have been included in our adult masks as well.

Pleated style

We chose to use the pleated style for both our adult and kids masks, so that despite offering only two sizes:  adult and child, every mask can be custom fitted to each individual face.  Using the pleat allows any extra material for those with tiny faces to fold over and accordion onto itself on the front of the mask while still allowing the top, sides, and bottom to seal to the face.  The pleat also provides extra coverage for when the child is speaking so that it will not shift excessively uncovering their nose.

Nose piece

Our kids masks incorporate a single wire nose piece, which allows it to seal at the top and prevent air from leaking.  We chose to use the single wire instead of the dual wire used for adult masks so as to make the mask more comfortable for the children.  It is thinner and more pliable than the dual wire, but on a smaller face offers the same benefits.

Adjustable ear loops

As with the adult community masks, our kids masks now come with soft knit elastic and an adjustable silicone toggle that allows each mask to be custom fitted to different ages and sizes.  This makes it more comfortable for the child to wear for long periods of time.  Our previous model of kids mask came with head straps that could also be converted into ear loops.  The head straps were beneficial for very young children with softer ears that could not support ear loops, and are still available in limited colors with special request by emailing

While not contributing to the fit, the polyester cotton material that we chose for our masks is moisture wicking, which is especially helpful for young children who tend to drool on their masks.  However, if your child is soaking their mask with saliva, it is a good idea to have multiple masks on hand to change them out so that the moisture will not be irritating to the skin or a breeding ground for mouth bacteria.

Our kids masks also come with a sewn-in, thin, light-weight, washable and reusable filter that is comfortable and breathable for the kids.  Our brightly colored face masks are also easy to customize if your kids want to get creative.

If you’re still not sure which type of kids mask to buy, check out this informative review by an American Pediatrician and fellow parent, Dr. Betty Choi, comparing different children’s masks for sale online.

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