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Wearing Instructions

Mask with Elastic Headstraps

To wear your mask, first ensure that pleats are facing outwards and that the nose wire is on top.  Puff the pleat folds out to form a cup so that the mask has a smooth front face in the center. 

For the Pro Masks and Floral Masks with elastic head straps, cross elastic bands overhead and above the ears as in diagram above, to optimize seal at the chin and eliminate gaps.  If you have the Pro Mask with fabric ties, the ties can be tied around the back of the head and neck for better seal.  Our Community Masks and Children's Masks have adjustable ear loops instead; simply loop the elastic around both ears and move the silicone toggle until a secure fit is achieved.  Our older model of children's masks were designed with elastic headstraps, and can be converted to ear loops if desired.   

Pinch nose wire to seal.  You may apply tape across the nose bridge to prevent air leakage. Ensure that both your nose and chin are completely covered and that there is no air leakage to the side.  Be careful not to touch your mask or face while wearing unless your hands are washed.

For an instructional video on proper mask wearing, please visit: